The nation's top pheasant hunt set in the beauty of the Sandhills.
The Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt is a corporation of stockholders which was formed in 1961 by the late Tom Varney, Jr. of Broken Bow, Nebraska. Mr. Varney had been active in the One-Shot Antelope Hunt held in Lander, Wyoming. He hoped that he could encourage a pheasant hunt of the same nature here in Nebraska. The corporation is composed of local residents whose objective is to promote the fine hunting, sportsmanship and recreational opportunities which are so abundant in central Nebraska. Since its beginning the One Box Pheasant Hunt has grown to be an annual event of interest to sportsmen of the United States, Mexico, Canada, England and the Panama Canal Zone.
2014 Press Release
1st Place
The Home Agency
77 points / 15 Pheasants / 1 Quail

Captain: Jim Baldonado
Shannon Poggendorf
Andrew Bellamy
Kevin Ross
Kyle Yardley
Guides: Bob Allen & Mike Bell
Dog Handler: Dean Weems
Scorekeeper: Ed Schaaf
Bios: The Home Agency
2nd Place
Wiechman Pig Company, Inc.
45 points / 9 Pheasants

Captain: Steve Riley
Brad Riley
Gerald Boyer
Loren Wagner
Ron Spahni
Guides: Ed Ford & John Ford
Dog Handler: Gene Giles
Scorekeeper: Chris Henderson
Bios:Wiechman Pig Co. Inc.
3rd Place
VIP Team
45 points / 9 Pheasants

Captain: Mike Flint
Howie Kubik
Ed Aebly
Paul Safran
Arky Rogers
Guides: Rod Kittle & Morley Koll
Dog Handler: Jared Robertson
Scorekeeper: Mike Hunsberger
Bios: VIP
4th Place
Nebraska Team
40 points / 8 Pheasants

Captain: Jason Chaplin
Joel Schafer
Mark Chaplin
Mitch Williams
Dustin Sjuts
Guides: Bruce Bartak & Russ Arnold
Dog Handler: Pat Kesler
Scorekeeper: Darren Kirkpatrick
Bios: Nebraska
5th Place
Power Hunters
40 points / 8 Pheasants

Captain: Kevin Gillespie
Marcus Cargill
Tim Allen
Rylan Everett
Alvin Cargill
Guides: Jeff Evans & Mike Holcomb
Dog Handler: Tehl Keslar
Scorekeeper: Brent Kirkpatrick
Bios: Power Hunters
6th Place
Georgia Boys
25 points / 5 Pheasants

Captain: Randy Schiltz
Bill Sherck
Dan Merkel
Kirk Driskell
Wilson Borden
Guides: Todd Reynolds & J.W. Simonson
Dog Handler: John Goossen
Scorekeeper: Gary Peterson
Bios: Georgia Boys
7th Place
The Falls Guys
22 points / 4 Pheasants / 1 Quail

Captain: John Eriksen
Curtis Smith
Daniel L. Lindstrom
Mike Adams
Robert W. Shively, Jr.
Guides: Ron Klein & Josh Benton
Dog Handler: Travis Johnson
Scorekeeper: Kent Russell
Bios: The Falls Guys

NOB 2014 Past Shooter Results - Wild Bird
1st Place
Team 3

Captain:Al Laughran
Scot Holcomb
Mike Evans
Flip Norton
Guides: Kent Leibhart & Matt Laughran
2nd Place
Team 6

Captain:Don Cantrell
Scott Fisher
Roger Seefeld
Guides: J.J. & Blaine Gibbons
Dog Handler: Dennis Larson
3rd Place
Team 1

Captain:Sam Sampson
John Jordan
Alvin Alms
Guides: Pat Berggren & Joe Franssen
Dog Handler: Matt Lyne