The nation's top pheasant hunt set in the beauty of the Nebraska Sandhills.
Since 1961, the Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt has been dedicated to improving the quality of life in Central Nebraska by promoting fellowship among sportsmen and supporting the creation of wildlife habitat. The corporation is composed of local residents whose objective is to promote the fine hunting and recreational opportunities so abundant in central Nebraska. Nebraska One Box Pheasant Hunt has grown to be an annual event for sportsmen world-wide. The One Box corporation has also been instrumental in funding local scholarships and the creation of the One Box Gun Club.
1st Place
Power Shots - 50 points

Captain: Brian Winfield
Jim Florke, Ken Curry, Don R. Leeding, Paul Grieger
Guides: Rod Kittle & Morley Koll
Dog Handler: Dean Weems
Scorekeeper: Darren Kirkpatrick

1st Place - Past Shooter Wild Bird Team #6
Captain: Scot Holcomb
Ron Steuk, Rick Sheehy
Guides: Kent Leibhart & Matt Loughran
Dog Handler: Al Loughran